Terms & Conditions

With your registration to our workshops you are accepting our terms and conditions. Golden Century Events does not take any responsibility for incidents and/or injuries nor for stolen or lost personal things.

To attend an event of golden century events please read this t&c carefully and make sure you understand everything BEFORE you register. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The registration:

A couple registration provides that one person is registering for both parties. After signing up you may transfer the fee together in one transfer or as a single person.

A Partner registration is only possible if you sign up for the same level.

As a couple registered people may only attend the workshop if both parties transfer the fee within 7 workdays. After this both registrations will be canceled and you might register again.

After the registration:

you will receive an e mail which either:
• confirms you have a spot plus the payment information or
• says that you are on the waiting list.

We do only offer payments trough bank transfer or Transferwise.

In case you are on the waiting list: we will send weekly information mails that says on what spot on the waiting list you are. If you do not get a spot for the workshop you always may cancel your order at no charge of any fee. If you do not get a spot until the end you have at least a partypass save. So please once you sign up choose either one, workshop OR partypass.

In case you did get a spot: congratulations ?

From now on you have a 7 workday window to transfer the fee. In case we do not receive any payment after 7 days we do have to cancel your order to give other people the chance to attend. If you still want to have a spot you would need to register again. It might happen, of course, you end up on the waiting list or the workshop is sold out.

Once we received your payment we will send a confirmation mail.

Important Registration Information & Refund Policy:

When an attendee pays to reserve their spot, and we use – and count on – that payment to make the event happen. Because of this we have no refund policy. A pass may be transferred to another person instead. If you cannot attend the event please get in contact with GCE before transferring your spot. In case you’d like to transfer your pass to another person please make sure that he or she has to take the same place you signed up for with the same role.

These terms count for the workshop as well as the party pass.

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